Himalayan Organics Calcium, Magnesium With Vitamin D3 Lemon & Lime Flavour Tablets

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Himalayan Organics Calcium, Magnesium With Vitamin D3 Lemon & Lime Flavour: 20 Tablets

About This Item:
Calcium & Magnesium: Calcium & Magnesium are vital substances that help in constructing & maintaining healthy bones naturally. These tablets in the form of effervescence are extremely easy to take and maintain overall health & well-being.
Delightful Flavour: With a delicious flavor, without artificial flavors or essence, this daily essential serves as a complete potion for calcium & magnesium that helps improve overall health and wellbeing.

Good For Bone Health: This effervescent drink is enriched with the goodness of calcium & magnesium that promotes bone and muscle health. Each serving provides around 500mg of elemental calcium that is essential for healthy bones.
Boosts Immunity & Endurance: This on-the-go health drink is an excellent source of Calcium & Magnesium that helps boost immunity & endurance naturally.

Magnesium helps get rid of lactic acid that causes muscle pain during exercise.
Improves Brain Function: Magnesium is one of the essential components that help boost brain and nerve health. Just put the tablet in water, let it dissolve, and drink it in, for a stronger you every day!

Citric Acid, calcium carbonate, Sodium hydrogen carbonate, maltodextrin, magnesium carbonate lemon flavor, Vitamin C, DL-Malic Acid, Sucralose, Beta Carotene, Lemon & Lime Flavor, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K2.

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