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USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, France, UAE, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Qatar, South Africa, Japan, Indonesia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Mauritius, Trinidad and Tobago, Finland and Portugal

Changes to Shipping address after an order has been shipped may result in additional charges.


Free Shipping On Orders Above $60 or Equivalent Amount in any other Currency. 


Shipping Time - 7 to 8 Business days*


Get best shipping rates in your when you order for $30 (equivalent currency) or more.


*Service interruptions. Orders may take longer to arrive due to Covid-19 or in Festive season such as Holi, Diwali, Navratri & more. Due unavailability of the products in region from the vendors can also cause delay in delivery or fulfillment of your packages. For more information on your package delivery time please contact us on 

 Important Note - Customs or Shipping company (of your country) can ask for a valid identification proof (passport or a valid Identification document) to authenticate residence and fraudulent shipment.