Peri Peri kerala banana chips

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Peri Peri kerala banana chips

Almost all of us have wondered why such a tasty snack like banana chips don’t come in many flavours. We did too. So we made a few! The peri-peri flavour is for you if you like to have spicy snacks. Prepared with no compromise in hygiene and quality, this is yet another new and interesting flavour for you to enjoy with your friends and family. Buy, share and enjoy. Our peri-peri banana chips are not just delicious, but they're full of flavor and have just the right amount of kick. Enjoy the spice with none of the worry we take pride in creating a snack with no compromises in quality and hygiene. Try something new and exciting today buy, share, and enjoy.

Kerala Banana Chips:
God’s Own Country is famous for its banana plantations and a variety of bananas. At Beyond Snacks, we source the tastiest bananas from the native communities of Kerala to make mouth-watering banana chips. Savour the taste of authentic Kerala banana chips with Beyond Snacks.

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