Nomad Food Project Hot Honey

Size: 200 g
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Nomad Food Project Hot Honey

Nomad's Hot Honey, a first-of-its-kind product in India, is crafted with raw Multifloral Honey sourced from Moonshine, with Thai chillies for a kick. This product pairs a sweet start with a spicy finish -- making it an ideal way to mix up your favorite dishes, from pizzas to vinaigrettes. Be warned: it's quite hot!

100% genuine multifloral honey by Moonshine Honey Project, bird's eye chilli The perfect harmony of sweet and spicy, with all-natural, organic ingredients from the apiary of the Moonshine Honey Project.

The Indian adaptation of the renowned American show, "Shark Tank," has gained immense popularity amongst Indian viewers. Shark Tank India's most successful product Nomad Food Project Hot Honey is now available worldwide.

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