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Karachi Pista Biscuits

Karachi Pista Biscuits Whenever you need a spicy special snacks item it must not be a non vegetarian recipe. Snacks items like the Karachi pista biscuits can be served  as a lip smacking snacks for tea time. Originated in Hyderabad Karachi pista biscuits are now immensely popular in the country. Good news it is now available right at your doorsteps in very less order time.  Ingredients The Karachi pista biscuits available here bears the traditional taste of the Karachi bakery made gourmet cookies and are made from • Milk • Sugar • Saffron • Chocolate • Pistachios • Refined wheat flour • Hydrogenated vegetable fat Health Benefits Karachi Pista biscuits melt in the mouth and come with an enticing taste. These biscuits are also good for health because • Pistachios are rich in proteins minerals and healthy fats. • These nuts are low in fat and hence good for both the heart and eyes. Features Karachi bakery biscuits are available in wide varieties and pista flavour is one of the most popular varieties. Karachi biscuits are in the market since 1953 retaining their goodness and quality to date. These assorted pista biscuits or cookies are available in • A 400g packet. • Are handmade to preserve the original taste. • Available in bright coloured boxes and can also be gift wrapped. • Can be send to the recipient address with a personalised message. Tips Keep the Karachi pista biscuits fresh crispy and tasty for as long as 5 months by • Storing in air tight containers. • Store in a cool and dry place. • Keeping under normal room temperature.   Shelf life 6 months

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