Karachi Bakery Fruit Nankhatai Biscuits

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Karachi Bakery Fruit Nankhatai Biscuits

Karachi Bakery Fruit Nankhatai Biscuits Eggless Hyderabad Special Hallmark of Quality amp Goodness since 1985 400gm Karachi Bakery Fruit Nankhatai biscuits can satisfy the sudden pangs of hunger easily. These crispy and crunchy biscuits are light in sweetness and are fruit flavoured. Ingredients These Hyderabadi special Nankhatai cookies easily melts in the mouth as these are made with high quality ingredients which include • Salt • Sugar • Raisins • Milk solids • Cashew nuts • Papaya preserve • Edible vegetable oil  • Refined wheat flour  Health Benefits  Karachi Bakery Fruit Nankhatai biscuits are just not perfect snack for tea coffee or milk but also filled with rich proteins and vitamins for health goodness. Features  Savour these assorted range of cookies from Karachi Bakery as these are  • 100% vegetarian. • Long shelf life of 5 months. • No artificial flavours are used to make these cookies. • Handmade to preserve the traditional taste of these Hyderabad special cookies. Tips Nankhatai a special Persian recipe blends with fruits and milk solids to create a delicate biscuit. Keep these biscuits fresh and flavoured for a long time span. • Do not refrigerate. • Store in a cool and dry place. • Keep in an air tight container.   Shelf Life 6 Months

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