Pigeon Spoons 6 piece (Small size)

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Pigeon Spoons, Small size, Mirror Finish, Rust Free, Stainless Steel Dessert Spoon, 100% Food Grade, 6 Pieces, 6*2*5*1.5 inch
Pigeon stainless steel spoons are strong and sturdy cutlery set. The super finish makes the set an ideal set during gatherings and festivities. 
Colour: Silver.
Dishwasher Safe: Yes.
Material: Stainless Steel.
Dimension: 6*2*5*1.5 inch.
Package Content: 6 spoon pieces.
Uses: Can be used to have salads, ice cream, fruits, appetizers, desserts.
Pigeon is a brand name in the market of cutlery. The manufacturer is known for stainless steel and baby spoon sets. This set makes an excellent pair on any table setting. It suits both formal and home settings. It is a long term and valuable cutlery set because
• Easily stackable.
• Stays rust-free for months.
• The thick stem gives durability.
• Made with premium quality stainless steel.
• Easy to clean and so can be used regularly.
• Mirror finish which makes the cutlery beautiful.
• Made with 100% food graded steel. It does not react with any food.
Maintenance & Care 
Retain the shine and new look of the cutlery set or long time by following the below tips.
• Dry immediately after cleaning the cutlery.
• Do not soak the cutlery in a dishwasher or sink for a long time.
• Do not use steel wool or abrasive soap to clean the cutlery.

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