Millet Amma Royal Mukhwas Sugar Free

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Millet Amma Royal Mukhwas Sugar Free

Millet Amma Royal Mukhwas Sugar Tree 100 gmRoyal Mukhwas Sugarfree is a nutritionpacked seed cocktail without any sugar to enjoy after every meal to feel satiated. Royal Mukhwas Sugarfree is packed with antioxidants that help you in hair growth and helps you look younger. It naturally detoxifies your body. Specifications Vegan GlutenFree Natural Ingredients Sunflower seeds Melon seeds Flaxseeds Fennel seeds Dates Betel nuts Dry rose petals Storage Keep your favorite Royal Mukhwas sugarfree at a cool and dry place for 6 months.Legal Disclaimer The product is guaranteed to be 100% genuine. Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Imagespackaging labels may vary from time to time due to the manufacturers manufacturing batch and location changes. The product description is for information purposes only and may contain additional ingredients.

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