Ancient Living Snakes And Ladders

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AncieAncient Living-Snakes and ladders, Traditional Indoor Game Set, Trick, and Trap Game, 35*5 cm dimensions
Popular known as the game of Saanp Seedhi, this is a race contest that depends on the role of the dice. 
• Black in color, the board is made from cotton.
• The complete set contains a board painted with snakes and ladders. It also consists of coins painted in different colors.
• Maximum four and minimum 2 players can play this game. 
This classic Indian game is now popular worldwide and Ancient Living combines this game with fun and morality.
• The complete game board and the dice are handcrafted.
• This board comes with a message as the ladders are showcase environmental aspects like organic farming, rain harvesting, use of solar power, and recycling of paper.
• The snakes represent the negativities associated with using plastic, oil spills, glacier melts and cutting down forests.
• There is a ready-to-play game and does not need installation.
• The game instructions are provided along with the set.
• Has long durability of approximately 5 years.
How to Play: 
Also known as Moksha Pata, Vaikuntapali or Parama Padam, this popular board game is played following the below steps.
1. The participants choose one coin each.
2. Each participant roll the dice one by one.
3. The coin moves through the board depending on the number reflecting on the board.
4. If the coin falls on the square which has a ladder the coin climbs to the destined point and if it falls on the square of a snake, it goes down to the specific point.
5. One who reaches the 100th square first is the winner.
Product Information: 
Sizes: 14 x 2 x 2 In or 35 x 5 x 5 cm
Product Id: 641311

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