An Ayurvedic and Modern Approach For Diet and Health By Dr. Ankush D. Jadhav

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An Ayurvedic And Modern Approach For Diet And Health By Dr. Ankush D. Jadhav

About the Book
An Ayurvedic And Modern Approach For Diet And Health is a treasure house of authentic Ayurvedic recipes. The book speaks about doshas, dhatus and malas and how food should be chosen according to the health status.

There are a lot of modern food recipes of soup, lentils and broths recipes mentioned in this book which can provide respite to people suffering from chronic health issues. The book also provides details on the effects of fasting, oil, ghee and milk on the body. The author has dedicated a specific chapter for each of these ingredients.

Language: English
Format: Paperback
Book-length: 163 pages
Edition: 1st edition, 2018
Publisher: Khel sahitya kendra
Author: Dr. Ankush D. Jadhav. Translated by Dr. Prakash Tathed
About the Author
Dr. Ankush D. Jadhav is a regular practitioner of Ayurveda. He has combined the ancient medical science with the modern lifestyle to come up with practical natural healing to health issues.

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