Nomad Food Project - Onion Garlic Jam

Size: 200 g
Sale price$19.00 USD


Nomad Food Project  - Onion Garlic Jam


This relish contains a perfect blend of sweet onions and garlic, with the rich essence of garlic providing an enhanced flavor. Large pieces of onion are added to create a unique experience with each bite.

Ingredients:  Onion, garlic, red chilli pepper, sucrose, sodium chloride, black pepper, and acetic acid form the base of Nomad Food Project's Onion Garlic Jam.


With a shelf life of 6 months from the date of manufacture, these 200mL jars are reusable and recyclable and should be refrigerated once opened.


The Indian adaptation of the renowned American show, "Shark Tank," has gained immense popularity amongst Indian viewers. Shark Tank India's most successful product Nomad Food Project is now available worldwide.

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