Zobha Body Butter Cocoa Butter Cream

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Zobha Body Butter Cocoa Butter Cream

Zobha Body Butter Cocoa Butter Cream 200 gmCocoa butter sometimes also called the brome oil is a natural meltable oil extracted from cocoa beans. This body butter prevents skin dryness and dull skin scars also help in healing lips It also helps to fight sign of aging soothing burns and rashes.How to use Use Zobha Avocado foaming face wash to wash your face after soaking use Zobha Body butter on your face and skin. Massage for 23 minutes until this gets absorbed in the skin. Best for regular use as a moisturizer cream. Benefits The body buttercream act as a protective healing layer on the skin. body buttercreams major benefit is that you can overcome your wrinkle as it is very effective in fighting aging properties. The body buttercream also reduces acne and helps to maintain the moisture of your skin. The cocoa buttercream for the body helps to delay aging and additionally it also reduces inflammation. Cocoa buttercream for the body plays an important role in removing stretch marks. Cocoa buttercream for the body is high in fatty acids and it also can hydrate deeply to the skin. Applying cocoa buttercream to the body improves elasticity. Body butter cream maintains the moisture level of the skin. Legal Disclaimer The product is guaranteed to be 100% genuine.

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