Zobha 11 in One Skin Radiance Cream

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Zobha 11 in One Skin Radiance Cream

Zobha 11 in One Skin Radiance Cream MultiVitamin 50 mlThe in one solution and an ideal for daily routine. Strongly recommended for Travelling as you do not have to carry several creams with you. Zobha 11 in One Skin Radiance Cream is there with you to evens the skin tones radiant glowing gives Firm looking skin visibly dark spots Pore size Fine Lines &amp Wrinkles Soft Flawless and restore its elasticity renews the cells hydrates the skin and also works on Sunburns.Benefits Evens the skin tone. Radiant &amp Glowing skin gives firmlooking skin. Reduces Dark Spots &amp Pore Size. Visibly reduces lines &amp Wrinkles. Gives a soft &amp Flawless skin texture. Helps the skin to restore its elasticity. Renews skin cells. Hydrates the skin &amp Melasma reduction. How to use Take few drops or small quantities on your fingertips and massage all over your face and neck in an upward circular motion.  Apply firmly and let it rest and get absorbed in your skin. Use it as Antiageing or Day Cream to add a new radiance to your skin. Legal Disclaimer The product is guaranteed to be 100% genuine.

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