Wooden Spinning Lattoo With Thread

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Wooden Spinning Lattoo With Thread
Exclusive thread and dome shaped wooden spinning top, bright colored and beautiful. The spinning top is a traditional game and has been in India from ages, a spinning top is not just a child's toy. It is also an adult toy, it requires little skill and patience at the start to lean but once u get it right its fun a spinning top is remarkable because it tends to defy gravity while it is spinning. If spun fast enough, a spinning top will rise to a vertical position and happily stay there, despite the fact that it will fall over if it stops spinning.

Indian hand-made toys colored with natural colors organic and safe and sound for the kids
Skills developed self discovery, hand eye coordination, logic building and learning
Ideal gift, satisfaction guaranteed, perfect gift for kids

Product Information:
Sizes: 9 x 3.5 x 9 cms

Actual weight - 0.05 Kg, Volumetric weight - 13X7.5X13/5000 =0.25 kg (Inclusive of packing). The shipping weight is calculated as whichever is higher of actual and volumetric weight.

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