Vellanki Foods - Roselle Pickle / Ambadi Achaar / Gongura Pickle

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Vellanki Foods - Roselle Pickle / Ambadi Achaar / Gongura Pickle 
A spoonful of Gongura pickle can increase the taste of a simple lunch or can be a perfect companion on an idle summer afternoon.
Available on 250gm, 500gm, 1kg, 2kg
Gongura leaves have wide use at Andhra Pradesh and one such use is as a pickle. This pickle is a zingy side dish as it is made from

Chilli powder
Mustard powder
Black gram dal
Bengal gram dal
Coriander powder
Fenugreek powder
Edible vegetable oil

While the tangy taste of gongura leaves linger in your taste buds for a long time, the blend of exotic spices and lentils creates an amazing sensation. This pickle is so special because it

Do not contain any additional flavors.

Enjoy this lip-smacking gongura pickle with rice, chapati or naan for a long time, keep it fresh by following the below tips.

Should be kept away from sunlight.
Should be stored in an airtight container.

Shelf Life: 3 months
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