Vellanki Foods Kara Boondi

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Vellanki Foods Kara Boondi
Add this savoury to Diwali sweet box or make it a companion in your evening snacks as it brings a balance between the sweets and snacks. Kara Boondi is pearl-shaped fired balls of chickpea, garnished with curry leaves and cashew nuts.Ingredients:Kara Boondi is a traditional Indian snack made with• Salt• Rice flour• Chickpea flour• Roasted peanuts• Red chilli powder• Edible vegetable oil• Roasted curry leaves• Roasted cashew nutsFeatures:This packet of Kara Boondi is• Easily digestible as made from high-quality ingredients.• Each Boondi maintains an equal consistency and hence is crispy and crunchy.• Do not contain any extra oil as the fried Boondi is placed for a considerable amount of time on a kitchen towel.• Available in both small and large packets of 500g, 1kg and 2kg.Tips:Kara Boondi can be relished in various ways.• Have Kara Boondi with a steaming hot cup of masala chai to enjoy its real taste.• Use it to prepare Boondi raita as this tastes better than plain Boondi.• Add sev to this preparation to give it a taste of chaat.• Store these in an air tight contain the to retain the crispness for a long time span.Shelf Life: 7 daysLegal Disclaimer: The product is guaranteed to be 100% genuine. Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Images/packaging/ labels may vary from time to time due to changes made by the manufacturer's manufacturing batch and location. The product description is for information purposes only and may contain additional ingredients.
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