UKG Kids ACE All-in-One Worksheets 260 pages (KG 2)

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(English, Mathematics, General Knowledge / EVS & Fun Colouring Combo) loose leaf workbook from 3H Learning:

International Standard Activity Worksheets covering English, Mathematics, General Knowledge/EVS & Coloring for UKG
Surprise your child with one worksheet every day. Sustain the interest & curiosity through out the year! Every sheet covers 2 Self - Learning Objectives! Your Child learns them automatically by DOING
Objective: Reinforce all basic skills & topics meant for UKG students. Parents can see how far their child has understood the class-room concepts.
Goldmine of Content & Activities: School curriculum based activities and exercises in all subjects of UKG! Interactive Worksheets with lively layout and easy to follow explanations holds any child’s attention makes education simple, fun and enjoyable; Helps your child to know, learn, understand, adjust to enter the new eco-system with confidence and steal a march over their peers.
'Essential Must-Learn' building-blocks of KGs converted into 260 virtual steps. See before your own eyes your child gradually scaling the 260 virtual steps day after day
Finishing each topic with appealing activities with colorful illustrations enhances your child's imagination and creative thinking. It makes them enter the next stage of school with enthusiasm & intelligence.
With 1 Worksheet-a-day, spend 'Quality - Time' with your child the entire year
1.60 lac happy mothers in 6 yrs have productively engaged their child. 

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