Sutarfeni Sweet roasted in Ghee/Penilu

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Sutarfeni Sweet roasted in Ghee/Penilu

Sutarfeni Sweet roasted in Ghee Penilu Telangana Special Sweet Made With Semolina Available In 500gm2kg Packets Penilu is a must have dessert during the fasting season of Ramzan. Crispy and crunchy with a sweet tinge these can be aptly referred to as sweet circles.  Ingredients  Penilu or fine vermicelli is a yummy dessert recipe which is made from  Oil Curd Ghee Sugar Semolina Rice Flour Baking Soda Features This packet of Penilu brings home the taste of festivity as it is Completely handmade giving it the true Indian taste. Easily melts in mouth as made from fine quality ingredients. The sweets comes with a long shelf life of at least a month. Available in small and large packets of 400g 1kg and 2kg. Tips Penilu the lipsmacking dessert from Telangana can be enjoyed the best by following the below tips. Serve after soaking in milk to enrich the taste of Penilu. Store in an airtight container to retain its freshness for a long time. Shelf Life 15 days

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