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Sundarakanda, Religious Book, 5th Episode of Ramayana, Brings Peace and Strengthens Human Mind, 1 Book
Sundarakanda is the 5th chapter of the Hindu epic, Ramayana that depicts the devotion of Hanuman towards Lord Rama and also the eternal bond between Lord Rama and Devi Sita. It narrates the events in Ashok Vatika when Hanuman went in search of Devi Sita in Lanka while she was held captive by Ravana. It is believed that reciting of Sundarakanda makes an individual stronger and purifies the mind and soul from within.
Product Description 
• The book cover of Sundarakanda is red with the book title mentioned at the top, in golden yellow.
• The book cover has an image of Lord Hanuman with folded hands offering his respect and devotion to Lord Rama.
Highlights of the Book
• Sundarkanda illustrates the challenges faced by Hanuman and his sheer determination to meet his goal of rescuing Sita.
• It further narrates how Hanuman spoke of Lord Rama to Sita to obtain her trust and belief while she remained captivated in utmost grief, thinking of Lord Rama. 
• It speaks of the greatness of enchanting the name of Lord Rama and how one can overcome the obstacles and hurdles by believing in “Rama”. 
• Sundarakanda narrates the qualities that one should possess which guides him through truth and determination, no matter what may come.
Hard copy
Reciting the Sundarakanda is said to bring forth positive vibes in the household not only on Pooja occasions but on any regular day. 
• Simple and easy translation from Sanskrit verses to English.
• Available in gift wraps with personalized message options.
• The recipients are able to receive their products directly at doorsteps.
• An ideal gift for auspicious occasions like Diwali, Navaratri, Ram Navami etc.
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