Siridhanyalu Millets Pack of 5 - 3 kg Each

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Organic Siridhanyalu Millets

Online suggested by Dr. Khadar Vali:

Siridhanyalu Millets is a mix of 5 millet varieties, each weighing 3 Kg, including Barnyard, Browntop, Kodo, Little, and Foxtail Millets. This combination of millets is high in fiber compared to other millet types.
Organic Siridhanyalu millets are suggested by Dr. Khadar Vali so, we are introducing a healthier combination of these millets. 

Foxtail Millet - 3 Kg
Kodo Millet - 3 Kg
Little Millet - 3 Kg
Barnyard Millet - 3 Kg
Brown Top Millet - 3 Kg

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