Shahnaz Husain Shahenna Plus Hair Cleanser Normal To Oily Hair

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Shahnaz Husain Shahenna Plus Hair Cleanser Normal To Oily Hair: 1000 ml
Stop hair fall the natural way with Shahenna Plus Hair Cleanser. It contains Ayurvedic extracts and natural cleansers like Henna, Brahmi, Arishtak, Shikakai, Mint, and Lemon. These ingredients together help to stop dandruff & hair loss.

It nourishes the scalp and stops hair fall.
It also stops dandruff.
It restores health to the scalp, adding body and shine to the hair.

Directions for use:
The hair should be thoroughly wet. Apply Shahenna Plus Hair Cleanser and work up a lather. Rinse out the hair cleanser properly. In case of dandruff and related problems, combine with 2 teaspoons Sharinse Plus to rinse the hair.
Brahmi Extract 2.0%, Shikakai Extract 1.0%, Mehndi Extract 2.0%, Arishtak Extract 8.0%, Nimbu Extract 0.25%, Pudina Extract 0.50%, Base q.s. to make it 100%.
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