Rustic Art Organic Coconut Oil

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Rustic Art Organic Coconut Oil

Rustic Art Organic Coconut Oil 200 mlDescription You cannot know all the benefits of coconut oil you have to experience itCoconut oil is meant for everything that you need help with. Skin hair nourishment prevention repair and what not Rustic Art Coconut Oil is Organic &amp Non GMO. It is light and less greasy.Coconut oil is antiinflammatory and is hence used for acne. Its fatty acids can eliminate microorganisms and is thus widely used to heal skin infections eczema cellulitis bacterial and fungi attack.Ingredients NonGMO Organic Coconut Oil How to use Massage lukewarm Rustic Art Organic Coconut Oil a few hours prior to hair wash and discover soft shiny tanglefree hair. Massage gently on skin pre or postshower for moisturized healthy skin. Add few drops of your favorite essential oil to additional benefits or aroma. Legal Disclaimer The product is guaranteed to be 100% genuine.

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