Ragi Malt Combo (3 x 200gms)

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Ragi Malt Combo (3 x 200gms)

Ragi Malt Combo 3 x 200gmsINGREDIENTSSprouted Finger millet flour Sprouted Green gram flour Skimmed milk powder Cardamom powder Roasted Almond powder and Roasted Bengal gram powder.Flavors are added accordingly to the product mentioned.METHOD OF PREPARATION1. 1.Mix two spoons 10gms each of Eco Jivans Ragi malt with water to make into smooth paste to avoid lumps.2. 2.Add this mix to 200 ml boiling milk and boil it for 5 minutes.3.3.Stir the mix continuously well while boiling.4.4.Pour it into glass and serve it hot.5.5.Add sugar according to your taste. 10 SERVINGS PER PACK

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