Pulla Reddy Badusha

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Pulla Reddy Badusha
Pulla Reddy Badusha Sweets are an inevitable part of Indian tradition and any religious festival is incomplete without desserts. Badhusha is another lip-smacking sweet in the platter of Indian desserts. These are flaky, round-shaped sweets with a bright, golden hue. While North Indians call it balusahi, in South India it is known as badhusha or badhshah.
Badhusha or glazed doughnuts are soft, crunchy, and with a layered texture. These are made from

Sugar syrup
Baking powder
All-purpose flour
Cardamom powder
Ghee/ clarified butter


Badhusha is mild in sweetness and hence best for people who prefer less sugar intake.

G. pulla Reddy is a known name in the sweet-making industry. The badhusha prepared in their kitchen is unique by 

Maintaining a perfect consistency of sugar syrup to give a balanced texture to the badhusha.
Melts in the mouth instantly leave an exotic sweetness and freshness of cardamom.


Garnish with few chopped chases nuts to increase the taste of badhusha.
Do not refrigerate and keep at room temperature.
Store these in a clean, air-tight container.

Moist and flaky inside and crunchy outside, badhusha is a perfect treat to your taste buds on festive occasions like Diwali.

Shelf Life: 7 Days

Pieces Per (1 kg) -20 Approx.

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