Organic Urad Dal

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Organic Urad Dal

Organic Urad Dal Rich in Protein 100% Vegetarian 1kg2kg3kg4kg5kg10kg Organic urad dal is very popular both in Punjabi cuisines and in South Indian cuisines. It is a bean which contains plant protein. Organic types of urad dal retains the texture and nutrients. Taste Mild Form Whole Type Vegetarian  Colour Creamy white  Flavour Rich and earthy  Originated from Indian subcontinent  Package content 1kg2kg3kg4kg5kg10kg Benefits 100 grams of organic urad dal is known to contain Iron 6mg Fibre 16gm Sodium 15mg Calcium 130mg Protein 21.30gm Total Fat 3.89gm Calories 304.76kcal Dietary fibre 2.69gm Total carbohydrate 51gm Features  Organic urad dal is enriched with natural goodness. This pack of unpolished urad dal is Rich in Vitamin B Comes with soothing qualities Contains low amount of moisture Packed under hygienic conditions Contains lowglycemic carbohydrates Boosts energy levels and keeps active Comes with a long shelf life of 6 months Does not contain added colours or chemicals Rich in protein vitamins carbohydrates and dietary fibre Smoother and fluffier batter is prepared. This makes the idli and vada soft and fluffy Tips Organic urad dal stays fresh and edible for long if the below tips are followed. Do not refrigerate  Keep in an airtight container  Store at a cool and dry place  Do not expose to direct sunlight  Direction to use  This pack of organic urad dal is perfect for preparing vada and idli. Note Soak organic urad dal before grinding as batter. It can be seasoned with mustard seeds to prepare curries. It also goes well with nan missi roti and tandoori roti. It is also integral in dishes like dal makhni.

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