Ohria Ayurveda Basil And Lavender Body Butter (Dehashudi)

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Ohria Ayurveda Basil And Lavender Body Butter (Dehashudi)

About This Product: Dehashudhi, body purifying butter detoxifies, improves skin complexion & texture. Skin smoothening and softening blend of 29 herbs, is based on classical Ayurvedic recipe. Natural Kokum butter and vitamin E, almond oil hydrate & evens skin tone. The soothing, calming, relaxing effect of the blend of lavender and basil adds to the benefits of massage.How To Use:Massage as pre-bath butter.

Can also be used after a shower. Excellent to use for body massage.Ingredients:Kokum Butter, Beeswax, Vit E (almond extract), Saffron, lavender & basil Essential Oil, Almond Oil, sesame oil, Ela, school ELA, Turushka, Kustha, Phalini, Mamsi, sprikka, Aguru, Jati, Rasa.Suitable For:For all skin types/dry skin

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