Milton New Imperial 1000 Casserole For Roti/Chapati - Purple Color

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Milton New Imperial 1000 Casserole For Roti/Chapati - Purple Color: 850 mlCelestial casseroles are double-walled, with a stainless-steel inner surface to keep food hot, fresh, and tasty. Featuring a smart dual-tone exterior with attractive graphics, this insulated container is simple to use, and elegantly designed to take center-stage at your dining table. Double-walled Inner stainless-steel casserole keeps food hot and fresh for hours. Made from durable quality steel, the functional and leak-proof lid of the casseroles with an easy-grip that can be opened or shut with a simple motion and trap the heat effectively inside the casserole or hot pot. The perfect serving casserole for any special occasions or household like birthday or anniversary parties, holiday, the picnic will keep your Soup, Salads, chapati, Roti or any beverages hot and fresh for long hours. Enhance the look of your dining table with its exclusive shape and design.Benefits:
Keeps your food piping hot for long hours.
Large variety can be made ahead and stored in refrigerator/freezer.
Require little supervision during baking served in the same dish baked in.
Leftovers are easy to use.
How to UseDesigned to keep your food warm and fresh, these durable and sturdy casseroles offer a hot meal every time.This casserole can be used to reheat the food in a Microwave without a lid maximum of 5 minutes at 600 watts of power in microwave mode only.Please do not use in Grill, Convection, or combination mode.Legal Disclaimer: The product is guaranteed to be 100% genuine. Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Images/packaging/ labels may vary from time to time due to the manufacturer's manufacturing batch and location changes. Product ID: 6400172

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