Karachi Bakery WalNut Biscuits

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Karachi Bakery WalNut Biscuits

Karachi Bakery WalNut Biscuits 100% Vegetarian Hyderabad Special 250gm A delightful treat from Karachi Bakery these delectable walnut biscuits are nutty in flavour and looks festive. These cookies are ideal to be served on Diwali birthdays and anniversaries. Ingredients The biscuits are made with one of the best dry fruits like walnuts and easily melts in mouth as made with fresh and high quality ingredients. The Karachi Bakery Walnut Biscuits are luxuriously tasty as these are filled with  • Salt • Sugar • Walnuts • Milk solids • Refined wheat flour  • Hydrogenated vegetable fat  Health Benefits  Karachi Bakery is a stopover for both food lovers and health lovers because its wide range of cakes and cookies just do not taste awesome but are also made with natural ingredients which are filled with goodness. • Walnuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and hence boosts cardiovascular system. The nuts strengthen the immunity of the body and helps to reduce inflammatory diseases. • Wheat flour is known to balance blood sugar levels and is known to fight obesity. This is also a gluten free fibre source to the body. Features These walnut cookies gives you a new way to taste nuts and have a unique evening snacks to serve your guests. These biscuits are so popular worldwide because these are  • Perfectly baked to blend taste with health. • Available well packed and hence the biscuits do not break easily. • Crunchy crust with subtle sweetness and chewiness. Tips Karachi Bakery Walnut cookies retain quality for a long time span when  • Placed at a cool and dry place. • Stored in an airtight container. • Kept under normal temperature.   Shelf Life 6 Months

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