Karachi Bakery Cashew Biscuits

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Karachi Bakery Cashew Biscuits

Karachi Bakery Cashew Biscuits Nutty Crunchy Delight Hyderabad Special 100% Vegetarian 400gm Karachi Bakery Cashew Biscuits is a premium pack of taste and goodness. This 100% original pack of cashew nuts is a perfect gift item on Diwali birthdays and get together parties. Ingredients These cashew biscuits get a crunchy texture and rich taste as these are made from   • Salt • Milk • Sugar • Cashew nuts  • Refined wheat flour  • Vanilla mixed fruit flavour  • Hydrogenated vegetable fat  Health Benefits  The cashew biscuits add charm to your teatime snacks or as breakfast. These are the best sellers from the brand as besides lipsmacking taste the nuts also boost health as • Cashew nuts help in weight loss and can also help to lower fat levels. These nuts are good to balance blood pressure and can even reduce gallstones. • Milk can strengthen bone health and build muscles. Full of calcium. Features  The cashew biscuits from Karachi Bakery are that to the taste buds. The brand commits great taste and flavour as these biscuits are • Traditionally handmade which ensures perfect taste every time. • The biscuits are gift wrapped and sent to the recipient with a personalized gift message. Tips Keep these cashew biscuits from Karachi Bakery fresh and crunchy for a long time span by • Storing these in an airtight jar. • Do not refrigerate the biscuits. • Keep the biscuits in a cool and dry place.   Shelf Life 6 Months

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