Kalagura Gampa Alfalfa Grass Powder

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Kalagura Gampa Alfalfa Grass Powder

Kalagura Gampa Alfalfa Grass Powder Benefits Improves metabolic health It has always been traditionally used to treat respiratory problems like asthma Vitamin A in alfalfa helps treat dry skin The protein in alfalfa promotes hair growth The silica in alfalfa slows down the process of hair loss. Directions to Use One can take up to 12 tablespoons of the Alfalfa powder to consume every day even on alternate days.  You can mix the powder in a glass of warm water and drink it once a day OR You can mix the powder in a tiny portion of rice to consume it before you start your proper meal Just like how you would eat your curry leaf Karam podi Annam mudda. Legal Disclaimer  Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Imagespackaging labels may vary from time to time due to changes made by the manufacturers manufacturing batch and location. The product description is for information purposes only and may contain additional ingredients.

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