Kaadoo Animal Buddy-Indian Jungle-Board Game

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Kaadoo Animal Buddy-Indian Jungle-Board Game
Show us a child who would not want to make friends with a lion, tiger or a leopard!A simple game for the parent-at-home and the young one. Set out on a fun trek through the African jungle. On the way, you meet all sorts of animals. They would tell you where to go next: they want you to meet their friends and also leave the forest unharmed. Your guide animal will become your buddy, if it is wearing a belt of the same colour as the mud on your jungle trail !. Make friends with more animals as you explore the jungle. Your dad or mom can even google and tell you more about your buddies! In every round, you find new buddies - and they find you too! Tell your friends who you met on your trek

Designed for small children
Points-based game; collect points and win !
For two players only
Animals hiding behind bushes, but will make friends for sure!
No dice to roll, just pick cards and keep playing
Every game session ends differently: no boredom!

Learn more about the animals from books, wikipedia and other sources on the web.

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