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Ancient Living-Pachisi, Indian Dice Game, 2-4 players, 60*60*2cm
Often mentioned in Indian mythological stories, Pachisi is also known as Chaucer. The mind game has been popular among the royals.
• The squares and pathways are painted in black over a white cotton cloth.
• It is a ready-to-play board game that requires no separate installation.
• Coming with brightly colored wooden pawns and two wooden dices. Each dice is 7.5*1.5*1.5cm in dimension.
• Minimum 2 and maximum 4 players can play on this Pachisi.
Pachisi is the oldest indoor game from India and Ancient Living now brings this game right at your doorsteps with the same traditional look.
• Handmade and hence comes with the traditional look.
• The game box contains a booklet with playing instructions.
• The game board has minimum durability of 3 years.
How to Play:
Sometimes considered to be the precursor to the recent version of Ludo, Pachisi has different playing varieties in different parts of the country. The generic rules of playing this game are
• Players sit opposite each other and place the pawns on the board.
• The objective is to move the pawns in an anti-clockwise way to reach home or the point where the game started.
• The player or the team which brings all the pieces home at first is the winner.
Product Information:
Sizes: 24 x 24 x 1 In or 60 x 60 x 2 cm 
Actual weight - 0.40 Kg, Volumetric weight - 62X62X4/5000 = 3.07 Kg(Including packing). The shipping weight is calculated as whichever is higher of actual and volumetric weight.  
Product Id: 641308

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