Innisfree My Eyeshadow (Matte) 1.5 - 16 - Sandy Brown

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Innisfree My Eyeshadow (Matte) 1.5 - 16 - Sandy Brown: 2.1 gm
Customized eye shadow with different options for your needs [Matte texture applied smoothly like silk]
1. Highly-pigmented, highly adhesive eyeshadow
With only a single touch, it brings out the color of your eye makeup. Its silky texture enables it to glide smoothly, evenly onto the eyelids.
2. A vast selection of pigments and textures
With it being subdivided into base, contouring, styling, and defining, you can easily choose colors according to your desired makeup style.

Base eye makeup: base shades to be applied on the first layer for eye makeup
Contouring Eye makeup: basic neutral shades to create shading on your eyes
Styling eye makeup: point shades to show prominent color on your eyes
Defining eye makeup: liner shades to contour your eyes while creating a clear look

3. Magnetic base for easy customization
Each of the My Eyeshadow colours comes with a magnetic base, which can be easily assembled into the magnetic My Palette case.
How to use:
Release an appropriate amount and use a brush or a tip to apply smoothly around the eye area.
[Tip for customizing your own palette]
1. Choose your favorite My Palette color.
2. Pop the pan out of its case through the groove and then pop it into your palette.
The pan is magnetic so that anyone can conveniently and easily add or remove it.
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