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Ancient Living Vamana Guntalu / Pallanghuzi / Mancala wooden board game:
Ancient Living-Vamana Guntalu, Easy to Set, Andhra Special Indoor Game, 18*3 inches, Made with Wood, 2 Players
Also known as Pallanghuzi or Mancala, this is a popular indoor game from Andhra Pradesh.• The playing board is light brown in color. The boars are foldable.• The board and the seeds are made from wood.• The playing board weighs 0.85kg.• There are 10 pits, 5 in each row; there are 2 rows each joined with each other.• The board comes with a lid with the name of the brand inscribed on the cover.Features:The Vamana Guntalu from Ancient Living is an ideal gift item on birthdays because • It is made from good quality wood and is perfectly polished.• Lightweight and a durable gift item.• It has an approximate life of 4 years.How to play:Though the detailed playing instructions are mentioned with the game inside the box, before you gift or buy, know how to play this traditional game.• There are 10 pits and a handful of seeds.• 2 people can play this game together.• A player needs to select a pot at the beginning of the game and 5 seeds can be put in each pit.• The seeds are gradually sown from one pit to the other.• After this, the player can collect all the seeds from one of the pits on his/her side and then again place one seed in each pit in a counter-clockwise manner. If the player lands at an empty pit at the end, he/she can take all the seeds from the opponent’s pit. • The prime objective of the game is to gather more seeds than the opponents.Product Information:Sizes: 18 X 3 X 3 In or 45 X 8 X 8 cmActual weight - 0.85 Kg, Volumetric weight - 47X10X10/5000 = 0.95 Kg(Including packing). The shipping weight is calculated as whichever is higher than the actual and volumetric weight.Product Id: 641313

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