Duh Organic Pure Coconut Oil Cold Pressed

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Duh Organic Pure Coconut Oil Cold Pressed

Duh Organic Pure Coconut Oil Cold Pressed200ml &amp 500 ml It is made from fresh coconuts copra from the coasts of Dakshin Kannada Karnataka. It is produced using the traditional coldpress technique which is healthier than any other factorymade coconut oil as there is no heat generated which helps to retain its true nutrition property. Benefits it is hearthealthy helps to maintain a healthy weight  regulates sugar levels promotes hair growth  hydrates skin and makes it soft and glowing  antifungal and antibacterial properties can be used on babies as a massage oil  extra virgin  How are we different we do not add any preservatives  made in coldpressed method unlike factorymade to retain its nutrient value extra virgin which makes it heartfriendly and helps to boost metabolism which helps in weight loss  our virgin coconut oil is the right choice for boundless internal and external nourishment. Directions for use can be used as and when required for cooking and for topical application purpose Note The

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