Chana Masala Powder/ Chole Masala Powder

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Chana Masala Powder/ Chole Masala Powder

Chana Masala Powder Chole Masala Powder Key to Lip Smacking Food One dish which is very popular among North Indian part of India is known as Chole Bhature. The preparation of this amazing dish is incomplete without addition of a necessary ingredient called Chana Masala Powder. Infact Chana Masala Powder or Chole Masala Powder is the heart and soul of ˜Chole i.e. the curry part of this dish. Without this the dish is tasteless. Chole is also known as ˜Channay and hence the name Chana Masala Powder.

The main ingredient of this dish is a variant of chickpea known as Kala chana. The dish is served by the street vendors restaurants and hotels alike. Many people consume it for breakfast or as a snack item too. In some homes it is consumed as a main course dish also. This can be served with Bhatoora Paratha Kulcha or poori which are different types of Indian breads. The dish is healthy as it makes use of chickpea which is a legume high in fiber and protein and has several important vitamins and minerals which makes it not only tasty but different from the regular junk food one eats regularly. The main ingredient without which the dish is incomplete is the Chana Masala Powder. It is the quality and quantity of Chana Masala Powder that is detrimental in deciding the taste of the curry. In case you are looking for this ingredient outside India you can place an order on PrithviMart for Chana Masala Powder which will be delivered to you within 24 48 hours at a reasonable price. So what makes this Chole Masala Powder preparation so unique and tasty What are the spices and herbs which are used to make this masala so unique and tasty Lets have a look at them here. Constituents of Chana Masala Powder Following ingredients are used in preparation of Chole Masasla Powder. These ingredients are known to us and popular for their taste aroma and purity. This is the proportion in which they are used to get the typical Chana masala powder taste. The following composition makes for about one cup of Chole Masala Powder 12 to 15 whole dry kashmiri red chillies which lend the thick red color to the preparations. One stick cinnamon dalchini approximately 3 Two black cardamom badi or elachi 4 to 6 bay leaves tejpatta depending upon how big or small leaves are Two tablespoons cumin seeds jeera One tablespoon caraway seeds shahjeera Four tablespoons coriander dhania seeds One teaspoon fennel seeds saunf One teaspoon carom seeds ajwain Eight cloves launglavang Two Pomegranate seeds anardana One teaspoon black peppercorn kalimirch Half teaspoon grated nutmeg jaiphal Half teaspoon dried ginger soonth powder Half teaspoon mace javantri powder One teaspoon dried mango powder amchur One teaspoon dried mango powder amchur Half teaspoon asafoetida hing Half teaspoon black salt sanchal One teaspoon salt Note Indian names of the spices are also given for ease of understanding for some of the users who are familiar with the Indian names. All these ingredients lend their unique aroma taste and flavours to your Chole Masala Powder making your dish super tasty. PrithviMart makes it possible to purchase this tantalizing Chole Masala Powder to treat your taste buds sitting at the comforts of your homes without searching and grinding for any of these ingredients. Just order for Chole Masala Powder on PrithviMart if you are staying in USA or Canada the product will be delivered to you within a week.

FAQs 1. What is the English name, other names for Chole The cooked or uncooked chickpeas is called as Chole. Chole means bile. 2. How long Chole be soaked When should the Chole Masala Powder be added Chole have to be soaked overnight to get the soft spongy texture Chole Masala Powder has to be added once you pressure cook Chole.

For this don't forget to place an order on PrithviMart to get Chole Masala Powder which is the soul of the dish. 3. Can Chana Masala Powder be ordered anywhere in USA and Canada Yes PrithviMart makes it possible to order Chana Masala Powder anywhere in USA and Canada. Since its a native dish of India it is easily available anywhere in India. Same may not be the case outside India. But PrithviMart makes it possible. The site is reliable trustworthy and quickest way to get the desired product at an affordable price.

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