Alanna Plump Pink Lipcare Combo

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Alanna Plump Pink Lipcare Combo

Alanna Plump Pink Lipcare ComboThis combo contains Alanna Day Lip ButterMask Raspberry Lip Tint 15 gm Alanna Beet &amp Berry Lip Scrub 15 gm Day Lip ButterMask Raspberry is made with Olive Squalane Encapsulated Vit E &amp Tripeptide. It glides perfectly on your lips to enrich them with hydration and make them plump and boost collagen naturally. It provides a cooling sensation that is ideal to soothe your lips. The best feature of this lip mask is the perfect Nude Pink Tint that it provides &amp it’s made with organic lip color.Beet &amp Berry Lip Scrub is made for Vegan Skincare Lovers. Oozing with the goodness of  Pomegranate Strawberries &amp Beetroot it has been specifically designed for plumping nourishment &amp darkness removal to get a longlasting Pink tint to your lips. All the gorgeous pink fruits give an amazing and natural pink hue to your lips. This unique blend of exotic ingredients allows skin regeneration thus increasing the production of cells. Our products are FDA and PETA Approved made with only the nourishment of plants. Tip Use Lip ButterMask for nourishment after the scrub. Legal Disclaimer The product is guaranteed to be 100% genuine.

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