Himalayan Organics Plant-Based Magnesium 220 mg Capsules

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Himalayan Organics Plant-Based Magnesium (220 mg): 120 Veg CapsulesDescription: Naturally sourced magnesium for a super healthy you!Did you know that Magnesium plays a significant role in over 300 enzyme reactions in your body?

Himalayan Organics Plant-Based Magnesium is a dietary supplement curated to nourish your body with Magnesium. It is involved in energy creation, protein formation, gene maintenance, muscle movements, nervous system regulation, and managing inflammation in your body. The plant-based magnesium Capsules are enriched with the goodness of spinach, mustard greens, spirulina, moringa leaves, etc, which helps in supporting bone strength and other bodily processes.INGREDIENTS:Powerful green superfoods to stay high on energy!
Mustard Greens
Pumpkin Seeds: 
Sunflower Seeds: 
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